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Office of the Registrar

Mission Statement

The mission of the Registrar's Office is to foster student academic progress by ensuring the proper maintenance of educational records from first contact with the student to graduation from the University. The Registrar's Office also facilitates academic processes for all University departments and administration.

The Registrar’s Office strives to fulfill its mission by providing oversight for:

  • the class registration process, including adding and dropping classes
  • student records and transcripts
  • grades processing
  • graduation from Marymount through degree audits and processing of petitions to graduate                         
Please note: In the event classes are canceled due to snow-related weather conditions, make-up day for this cancellation can be held on Saturday, March 18th.

           Summer 2017  schedule is now live on Marynet for viewing!
     Registration for 2017 Summer schedule will begin on February 20th for all  students
            Fall 2017 schedule will go live for viewing on February 10, 2017.   

 Fall 2017 - Upcoming Registration Dates

Graduate Students/Honors Scholars/In-Season Athletes 03/20 - 03/22/17
Seniors (90 earned credits or more) 03/23 - 03/26/17
Juniors  (60-89 earned credits) 03/27 - 03/30/17
Sophomores (30-59 earned credits) 03/31 - 04/03/17
Freshmen (0-29 earned credits) 04/04 - 04/10/17
Open Registration (all students) 04/11 - 11/03/17

Consortium Form due dates

Spring 2017 January 9th


Office of the Registrar

Marymount University
Rowley Academic Center, 1st floor Room 1009

Office hours

Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Ph: (703) 284-1520
Fax: (703) 516-4505
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