How to Register

Accessing My MU Plan

My MU Plan is a planning and registration tool. To access My MU Plan, log into Marynet with your net ID and password. Click on "Marynet for Students" and then "Self-Service Home." From there, you can view your timeline and plan your courses, register for your planned courses, and view your unofficial transcript.

Planning Your Classes

Prior to registering for classes, students must plan each course and/or section on their timeline. Undergraduates must submit their plan to their advisor for review prior to registration each semester. Graduate students are not required to submit their plan for review, but are encouraged to do so.

How to Use My MU Plan

Full My MU Plan Guide
Step-by-Step Registration Guide and Video
Using "My Progress" Guide and Video
Guide to Navigating Your Timeline
Guide to Searching the Course Catalog 

Frequently Asked Questions