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Student Affairs Administration

The Division of Student Affairs welcomes all students, their parents, faculty and staff to Marymount University. We support the co-curricular and living-learning aspect of university life. If you have concerns or questions, please let us know. We are here to assist you! Learn more about our division and view our organizational chart.

Our Vision

In the belief that All May Have Life, the Division of Student Affairs, in collaboration with our campus partners, supports the development of the mind, body and spirit of all students by creating intentional, inclusive, engaging and enlivened learning environments and programs designed to:

  • prepare students to be active and engaged leaders in their professional and civic endeavors who value service and the promotion of justice;
  • empower students to take personal responsibility for their actions and challenge each other to create a safe, healthy, and supportive intercultural community;
  • strengthen student connections to each other, the University, local and global communities;
  • promote the values of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary and the overall Catholic identity of the University; and
  • advance the recruitment and retention efforts of the University.

Learning Outcomes

  • define their personal values, demonstrate responsibility in decision-making, and evaluate the impact their actions have on others;
  • build healthy relationships and identify strategies for living productive and purposeful lives;
  • demonstrate an understanding of, and appreciation for, cultural and human differences that challenge assumptions and transform thinking;
  • integrate and apply knowledge gained across curricular and co-curricular experiences in order to advance academic, personal and career growth; and
  • demonstrate an understanding of their own and others’ faith and sense of purpose through an exploration of the charism of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary.

Student Affairs Senior Leadership Council

Dr. Linda McMurdock, Ph.D. Vice President for Student Affairs (703) 908-7532
Christina Rajmaira Assistant Vice President and 
Dean of Student Life
(703) 284-1615
Dr. Demetrius P. Johnson Dean of Student Success (703) 284-5989
Fr. Tom Yehl Chaplain (703) 284-1607
Emily Langan Interim Director of Campus Ministry (703) 284-1607
Catie Brocker NP-C, MSN Director of the Student Health Center (703) 284-1610
Chris Fiorello Director of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity (703) 908-7669
Eric Hols Director of Campus Safety and Emergency Management (703) 284-1600
Angela Nastase, J.D. Title IX Coordinator (703) 526-6940
Aline Orfali Director of International Student Services (703) 284-5797
Lynn Reed Selby  Community Engagement and Special Projects Consultant (703) 908-
Susan Boyd Director of Campus and Residential Services (703) 284-1608
Vincent Stovall Director of Student Engagement (703) 284-1611
Dr. Laura Finkelstein, Ph.D. Director of the Counseling Center (703) 284-1610
Dr. Vernon T. Williams Assistant Dean of Student Life (703) 284-5796