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Student Conduct & Academic Integrity

The Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity is committed to an educational and developmental process that balances the needs of the individual students with the needs of the Marymount University community. In order to accomplish this aim, there are four philosophical tenets of the student conduct program.


The student conduct program educates students about appropriate standards of conduct within a university community through programming and dialogue before issues occur. The program seeks to reduce incidents by educating students about healthy decision-making, constructive discourse, and bystander intervention.


The student conduct program identifies the personal, educational, and social influences that result in misconduct on campus and intervenes through diverse methods of resolution that place emphasis on relationships, personal decision making, community obligations, and student learning.

Harm Reduction

The student conduct program engages students in the examination of the impact of their behaviors on their relationships with the community and community members. After identifying the impact of their behaviors students are guided in repairing these relationships and reducing harm.


The student conduct program focuses on retaining students, when possible, through creating opportunities for students to learn from their experiences and affect positive change in decision-making. By taking an active role in designing conduct outcomes, the student conduct program offers students an opportunity to remain a part of the Marymount University community.

Chris Fiorello, Director Office of Student Conduct & Academic Integrity

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