How do I apply for VA education benefits?


The first step is to apply to Marymount University for admission. Use the menu items to the right to navigate to the Freshman, Transfer, or Graduate Admission pages.

Once you are accepted you will need to complete the VA application prior to the beginning of your first semester. All VA students must complete an application:

  • If applying to use benefits for the first time, use the Application for VA Education Benefits – Form 22-1990.
  • If you are a transfer student, use the Request for Change of Program or Place of Training – Form 22-1995.
  • Dependents (first-time use) should use the Dependents’ Application for VA Education Benefits – Form 22-5490.
  • Transfer dependents should use the Dependents’ Request for Change of Program or Place of Training – Form 22-5495.
  • To transfer Post 9/11GIBILL/Chapter 33 benefits, use the Application for Family Member to Use Transferred Benefits – Form 22-1990e.

Veterans On Line Application – VONAPP provides up-to-date forms. Students may complete these forms online. Once the form is completed, VA will provide a confirmation number on the form. Please make a copy of your Application for Benefits and provide it to Marymount’s VA School Certifying Official (SCO).

What happens after I apply for benefits?


After reviewing the application for education benefits, the Department of Veterans Affairs will send the student a Certificate of Eligibility or a letter explaining benefits. It may take six to eight weeks for the student to receive this document.

IMPORTANT: A copy of this document must be provided to the Marymount University VA School Certifying Official (SCO) to assist in advising the student. But, do not wait to receive a Certificate of Eligibility from VA to register for classes or to let MU’s VA School Certifying Official (SCO) know that you are registered. During busy times, it may take the VA office six to eight weeks to process your application.

It is also the responsibility of the student to let Marymount’s VA School Certifying Official (SCO) know if changes are made to his/her course schedule. These changes may result in refunds due to the VA by the student or the University.

And be sure to keep your address and direct deposit information current with VA. This can be accomplished on the VA website.

Is Marymount a participant in the Yellow Ribbon Program?


Yes, Marymount provides up to 75 grants a year (first-come, first-served basis) of $2,000 each to eligible individuals pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees. Veterans Affairs matches the grant amount for a total of $4,000 a year to attend Marymount through the Yellow Ribbon Program.

Eligibility: Only undergraduate and graduate students with 100% Post 9/11 GI Bill (Chapter 33) benefit eligibility, including dependents with Transfer of Entitlement under Chapter 33, will be considered.

To receive the grant, students must have submitted their application to the Office of Admissions and have a copy of their Certificate of Eligibility (showing Yellow Ribbon eligibility) on file in the Office of the University Registrar.

Please note that the Department of Veterans Affairs has determined that active duty members and spouses of active duty members with Transfer of Entitlement are not eligible for the Yellow Ribbon Program.

Marymount University will provide Yellow Ribbon contributions to continuing participating students during subsequent academic years in which Marymount is participating in the Yellow Ribbon Program as long as satisfactory progress, conduct, and attendance in their program are maintained.

Will my credits from other colleges be accepted at Marymount?


Yes. The University also accepts American Council on Education (ACE) credit recommendations for military training.

An official ACE transcript must be provided by the student to the Office of Admissions for consideration. For further information, visit the ACE website.

NOTE: Marymount comes under the Eastern VA Regional Processing Office: P.O. Box 4616, Buffalo, NY 14240-4616.

Marymount has Articulation Agreements with Northern Virginia Community College and Montgomery College in Maryland, allowing acceptance of course equivalencies from these institutions. More information can be found online.

What happens if I’m mobilized and away from my studies for an extended period?


Marymount enables students who are military reservists that have been mobilized for active duty to return seamlessly to their studies upon completion of their tours, with no need to reapply or pay readmittance fees. They simply pick up where they were at the time of their mobilization.

How much of my tuition will VA benefits cover, and how are payments made?
The annual VA payment for the 2013-14 academic year for Post 9/11, Chapter 33 is $19,198.31, if the student’s Certificate of Eligibility states 100% eligibility. This VA annual payment will vary if the length of service percentage on the Certificate of Eligibility is not 100%. These payments are made directly to Marymount University. Eligible Post 9/11, Chapter 33 students will also receive a monthly housing allowance, based on the University’s zip code, as well as a book stipend.

Payments for Chapter 31 are also paid to Marymount University through the VA office in Washington, DC. However, payments for Chapters 30, 35, 1606, and 1607 are sent directly to the student.

What are my responsibilities regarding schedule changes and benefits?


You need to notify the University’s VA School Verifying Official (SCO) of any changes to your schedule (including any withdrawals), as well as any new semester registration if you plan to use VA benefits. Changes to your schedule must be reported to the Department of Veterans Affairs by Marymount in a timely manner.

Generally overpayments of VA benefits are the responsibility of the student. There are instances under the Post 9/11 GIBILL/Chapter 33 when the University will resolve the overpayment. Money will be refunded to VA if:

  • The student never attended any classes for which they were certified
  • The student completely withdraws on or before the first day of the term
  • The University receives duplicate payment
  • VA issued payment above the amount certified on enrollment certification

All other overpayments remain the responsibility of the student.
The phone number for the VA Debt Management Center is 1-800-827-0648.

Educational benefits to veterans and other eligible students can be discontinued by VA if the student fails to maintain satisfactory attendance, progress, and conduct. In some cases benefits can be resumed if the student reenrolls at Marymount University in the same program; in other cases, benefits cannot be resumed unless VA gives approval.

How do I verify enrollment monthly if I receive benefits under Chapter 30, 1606, or 1607?


Students receiving Chapter 30, 1606, or 1607 benefits must verify their enrollment to VA each month by using the WAVE portal (Web Automated Verification of Enrollment), or by calling the toll-free Interactive Voice Response (IVR) number at 1-877-823-2378. The earliest this verification can be done is the last calendar day of each month. Due to system procedures, it may take two or three workdays for the WAVE and IVR systems to reflect updates to your account. NOTE: The monthly verification of enrollment has not been added for the Chapter 33 and Chapter 35 students.