Summer Intern Housing

Lee Ostapenko Hall

Dates Available: Saturday, May 25, 2019 –Friday, August 2, 2019

*Note: A limited number of earlier and/or later stays can be accommodated.

2019 Summer Intern Housing Application Available HERE!

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Finding affordable, safe and comfortable housing in D.C. for a brief time is a difficult task. With Marymount Intern Housing, our goal is to make your stay in our Nation's Capital an enjoyable one.  

Marymount Univeristy, located just six miles or a short Metro ride from D.C., offers a wealth of opportunities for education, entertainment, and fun.  You can live and learn in one of the world's most exciting and influential cities and take advantage of many opportunities offered by the Metropolitan area.

Any college/university student that is interning in the D.C. area is welcome to apply for Summer Intern Housing at Marymount University.  Fill out the application to get started.

2019 Room Types & Rates (per week)

Room Type           
1 Week Stay 2 Week Stay 3 Week Stay 4+ Week Stay
Ostapenko Double 
(shared with another person)
$450/ week $400/ week $350/ week $300/ week
Ostapenko Single
(limited number available)
$500/ week $450/ week $400/ week $350/ week
Ostapenko Double as a Single
(limited number available)
$550/ week $500/ week $450/ week $400/ week
Double Room Single Room
MU-Dorms-308 Lee Ostapenko Hall

The Office of Campus and Residential Services reserves the right to make all housing assignments according to availability of space.

Summer 2019 Meal Plan Options (per week) 

Meal Plan Cost
10 Meals/ Week $125
19 Meals/Week  $175

Any cancellations MUST be made a week in advance of arrival.
Please Email Us if you have any further questions. 

Lee Ostapenko Hall