Dining Services

Visit the Official Sodexo Dining Page

How to Sign Up for a Meal Plan:

1.  Log in to (this is the MU portal)
2. Click on StarRez Link
3. At StarRez Login screen type in your 7 digit MU ID Number for both “Student Number” and “Password” and click Sign In.
4. Click on the “Housing and Meal Plan Application”
5. Click on the dot for “Academic Year 2016-2017” and scroll to the bottom and click “Save & Continue”
6. At the welcome screen click “Save & Continue”
7. Fill out any Special Needs and click “Save & Continue”
8. On the Meal plan page, review the options and only select from Commuter options.
9. On the Conformation page review your select and click “I Confirm” 10. You’re all done! Your meal plan will be live in one hour.