Group Counseling

Spring 2018 Group Offerings:

  • Grief and Loss Support - This group aims to support students in a compassionate and safe environment who have experienced the death or loss of an immediate family member. Students will work towards better understanding the grief process as well as developing and increasing strategies for coping - all while being surrounded by understanding and empathetic peers.
  • Understanding Self and Others - This group will provide a safe environment to better understand yourself and others, and it may be helpful to anyone who is curious about their interpersonal patterns, feels dissatisfied with their current relationships but can't seem to change them, feels like they are regularly misperceived or misinterpreted, or has had consistent difficulties with managing important interpersonal dynamics, such as communication, trust, intimacy, or assertiveness.  Discover how to improve your communication style and navigate social challenges. The group provides a great outlet for self-discovery and for learning how to participate in healthy interpersonal relationships.
  • Grad Students in the Helping Professions - Students pursuing careers such as physical therapy, nursing, and counseling often have unique stressors in addition to the typical pressures of being a student. These can include the internal pressure of always feeling the need to give to others, the practical concerns around interacting with clients/patients, or the interpersonal dynamics of constantly comparing the level of your skills to those of your peers. If any of these examples resonate with you, then please consider joining us to create a space to talk about your concerns with others who understand. The Counseling Center will be facilitating the group, because caring for others starts with caring for yourself. In this group you will be able to openly talk about the unique stressors that you face, and come to better understand your interpersonal patterns, both in and out of your role as a caretaker.
  • Men and Masculinity - This group provides an open, non-judgmental space for men to explore their thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and relationships. Group members will consider their interpersonal patterns and connections to others within the context of being a man and the cultural expectations of masculinity. This group is a great option for men who struggle at times with being with themselves, dealing with emotions in healthy ways, and expressing themselves authentically.
  • Anxiety Workshops - Anxiety looks and feels very different for different people - and so whether you feel nervous in large crowds, can’t sleep before a big exam, feel preoccupied with what others think of you, or experience panic in times of high stress, this group will provide a safe, nonjudgmental, and confidential space in which to share your experiences of anxiety. Using education, peer support and problem solving, students will learn to recognize signs and symptoms of anxiety and practice effective ways of coping with it.

Please email us or call (703) 526-6861 for more information.

How Group Counseling Can Help

Group counseling is an effective way to receive information, support, and assistance regarding many issues of concern to students, such as:

  • Managing relationship issues
  • Managing family issues
  • Making friends
  • Stress management and coping skills
  • Assertiveness
  • Self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Eating concerns and body image
  • Grief and loss
  • Adjusting to college life
  • Identity issues

The Counseling Center offers counseling groups, psycho-educational groups, and support groups during the fall and spring semesters. Contact the Center at
(703) 526-6861 for more information regarding group offerings.


If a student is already receiving individual counseling at the Counseling Center, the student should speak with his or her counselor to discuss group counseling opportunities. A student who is not currently receiving individual counseling from the Counseling Center should contact the Center at (703) 526-6861 and inform the receptionist about his or her interest in group counseling. In both cases, an initial, one-on-one appointment will be scheduled with a group leader before referral to group counseling.

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