Graduate Externship/Internship Program

The Marymount University Counseling Center is a multidisciplinary mental health agency with a professional staff of licensed psychologists, professional counselors, and licensed clinical social workers. The theoretical orientation of Center staff is primarily integrative, drawing from a wide variety of theoretical orientations that address a client's unique needs. Individual counseling is time-limited: students are allotted 12 counseling sessions within an academic year.

The mission of the Marymount University Counseling Center is to support the healthy academic, emotional, and social growth of Marymount University undergraduate and graduate students. The Center provides assessment, short-term individual and group counseling, crisis intervention, consultation services, and outreach activities to the University community.

Marymount University is a Roman Catholic-affiliated institution of approximately 3,500 students, located in Arlington, Virginia. Approximately 850 students reside on campus, and 1,100 are graduate students. The student population is very diverse, with approximately 70% female students and 50% students of color and/or international status.

For those seeking a graduate training program, this placement is a wonderful opportunity to hone individual and group counseling skills and learn more about providing a broad array of treatment and services to a university campus population.