Events & Announcements


University Projects Fund Announced

The Marymount University Student Government has launched the University Projects fund to  provide support for events and projects that improve and enrich the Marymount student experience. Funds may be allocated for programs or initiatives that support the intellectual, physical, occupational, social, emotional, or spiritual development or wellness of Marymount students. Proposal details can be found on MUEngage (under documents), and proposals may be submtted by individual administration, faculty, staff, or students; academic schools; student organizations or teams; or university offices.

Two New Grants Available

The Marymount University Student Government Association is proud to announce the creation of two new grants designed to assist Marymount students.

  1. The MUSGA Global Perspective Grant supports students Marymount's commitment to global prspective. MUSGA will be providing scholarships (up to $1000 per student/year) to students who have been accepted to Marymount approved study abroad programs. Applicants must be enrolled as an undergraduate student, and be in good judicial standing. For a full description and grant requirements, or to apply, click here.
  2. The MUSGA Emergency Student Fund is designed to assist students with unanticipated and unavoidable expenses that otherwise prevent them from continuing their education at Marymount University. These funds are earmarked for students who experience an event or unforeseen circumstance that negatively and severely impacts their academic success. For a full description and grant requirements, or to apply, click here.

Upperclassmen Senate Positions Still Available!

Upperclassmen are not elegible for election in the Fall, but can be appointed. The following positions are currently available to upperclassmen: MUSGA Attorney General, Judicial Branch Justices, and Senators. If you are interested in being appointed, please follow these directions
  1. Contact a current senator to see sponsorship. Once obtained, email with your intent to seek appointment and the name of your sponsor. The MUSGA dvisor will verify your eligibility based on your GPA and judicial standing, and notify you of your status.
  2. Attend the next MUSGA meeting where the SGA will vote on your appointment. You may be competing with other students also seeking appointment.