Payment Plans

A payment plan is available to qualifying students. All arrangements, including the initial payment, must be completed at least one week prior to the payment due date. Students may set up pay plans on an annual basis for the academic year (fall and spring) or by the semester. Summer payment plans are offered in-house via the Student Accounts Office.

Whether selecting either the annual or by-semester plan, payments are made as follows:

  • For the fall semester, payments may begin as early as August 1 and must be paid in full by December 1.
  • For the spring semester, payments may begin as early as January 1 and must be paid in full by May 1.
  • For the summer semester, contact TuitionPay for further information.

All or part of each semester’s costs may be budgeted with no interest rate assessed. A nonrefundable enrollment fee of $55 is required to apply for the annual plan. Individual semester plans require a nonrefundable enrollment fee of $35.

Tuition Payment Plan enrollment deadlines:

  • Fall Semester:  Last day of OCTOBER.
  • Spring Semester: Last day of MARCH

How to Apply

Applications are available from TuitionPay at (800) 635-0120 or online at