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Financial Aid Recipients

If you have financial aid showing at the bottom of your statement in the pending column, the reason is provided.  For example:  You must be enrolled full-time to maintain eligibility for most scholarships and grants.  In order to maintain eligibility for the Federal Direct Loan Programs, you must be enrolled for at least 6 credits.   For Subsidized/Unsubsidized/PLUS or GPLUS loans, if at the bottom of your statement it shows them in the pending column with a reason, “Need Prom Note and/or Entrance Counseling, you must go to to complete the loan application process.  The amount shown on this statement for Loans reflects the net amount to be received after the required fee is deducted by the federal government.  Once you complete the acceptance steps, your loans can be subtracted from your Balance Due.
If you are expecting funds from an outside/private scholarship agency, please notify the Financial Aid Office.  You must follow up with the agency providing these funds to be certain they are sent in a timely manner to settle your account. 
If you are expecting funds from an outside source, a private scholarship or receive a private loan your billing statement will not reflect those funds until after your classes have begun.  To avoid receiving the same bill, please make a note on this bill and return it to the Student Account office.  If not, you will continue to receive the same bill during our billing cycle.
If you were awarded Federal Work Study, it is not reflected on this statement, as it is not a deduction against tuition.  You will receive a monthly paycheck from the Payroll office based on the hours you worked.
VA TAG funds cannot be credited to your account until the last day to add for the semester as required by the state. You must remain full-time through this date in order to receive the grant.

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