Local to Global

The MU Local to Global Initiative was created to promote internalization at Marymount University without having to leave the country. The Center for Global Education (CGE) partners with staff, student groups, and academic departments to provide opportunities to explore global issues, engage with the international community, expand knowledge about diverse cultures, and develop global competencies that are essential to culturally diverse work environments.

Over the years, we have hosted some incredible events on and off campus in the D.C. area. Some of our past events have included:
  • Dia de los Muertos altar and presentation
  • Round-Table discussion about U.S. politics with visiting students from Aachen, Germany
  • Peace Corps panel
  • Lunar New Year celebration
  • A Japanese fashion exhibit excursion into D.C.
  • A foreign film screening
If you, your department, or your student organization is interested in hosting or coordinating a Local to Global event, contact Ana-Sofia Alcaraz.

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