Global Classroom Series

Global Classroom Series (GCS) courses are three-credit semester-long classes taught at Marymount throughout the entire semester, which include an international field experience of one week to ten days. This unique type of experience allows students to learn about the course material in the classroom and then apply that knowledge in an international setting. The group activities are designed to complement and expand upon the course content. Since 2011, hundreds of Marymount students have participated in affordable and convenient GCS programs all over the world to explore their coursework from a global perspective.

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2021-2022 Gobal Classroom Series Programs

Spring 2022

Travel Dates TBD

Applications Will Open in Fall 2021
*Locations are subject to change 
  • AA 212 Fashion Industry & Promotion

    Milan, Italy with Professor Julia Ravindran
    Prerequisite: None
    Major Requirement

  • CJ 212 Comparative Justice

    Budapest, Hungary with Dr. Stephanie Foster
    Prerequisite: None
    Major Elective

  • COMM 310 Career & Professional Communication

    Berlin, Germany with Dr. Megan McFarlane
    Prerequisite: EN 102
    Major Elective

  • ECO 211 Principles of Macroeconomics

    Budapest, Hungary & Prague, Czech Republic with Dr. Brian Hollar
    Prerequisite: MGT 123 or any 100-level or higher Mathematics course
    Liberal Arts Core/University Requirements Designation: SS-1

  • ED 421 Community-Based Global Field Experience

    Panama, Panama with Dr. Clara Hauth

  • EN 345 Colonialism and Post-Colonialism

    Lisbon, Portugal with TBD
    Prerequisite: TBD

  • ​FA 410 Topics in Art History: Van Eyck to Bruegel

    Brussels, Belgium with Dr. Mark Trowbridge
    Prerequisite: EN 102
    Liberal Arts Core/University Requirements Designation: FNA, WI

  • GMD 102 Visual Communication & Design

    Berlin, Germany with Professor Bridget Murphy
    Prerequisite: None

  • ​GSP 301 Reading the World

    Toronto, Canada with Dr. Delario Lindsey
    Prerequisite: None; Priority will be given to Global Scholars (GS). Permission from instructor for non-GS students
    Global Scholar Requirement

  • HI 375 The Renaissance and the Reformation

    Florence, Italy with Dr. Jace Stuckey
    Prerequisite: None
    Liberal Arts Core/University Requirements Designation: HI-2, WI

  • HPR 202 Exercise Physiology

    Prague, Czech Republic with Dr. Michael Nordvall
    Prerequisite: HPR 201 or permission from instructor
    Major Requirement

  • ID 438 Color, Light, and Human Behavior

    Seoul, South Korea with Professor Jihyun Song
    Prerequisite: Grade of C- or better in FA 104 and ID 203

  • POL 231 Media & Politics

    Paris, France with Dr. Margaret Tseng
    Prerequisite: EN 102 and either POL 103 or POL 104
    Liberal Arts Core/University Requirements Designation: SS-2, WI

  • SOC 385 Global Inequality & Global Development

    San Juan, Puerto Rico with Dr. Matt Bakker
    Prerequisite: One of the following SOC 121, SOC 131, SOC 203, or SOC 204
    Liberal Arts Core/University Requirements Designation: SS-2, GP

  • TRS 272 The Mystery of the Church

    Rome, Italy with Dr. Brian Flanagan
    Prerequisite: TRS 100
    Liberal Arts Core/University Requirements Designation: TRS-2

 $1800 Program Fee Includes:
  • Round-trip international airfare
  • Double occupancy accommodations
  • Ground transportation
  • Daily breakfast
  • All program activities
  • Emergency travel insurance
NOTE: Students must apply and be accepted to the GCS programs and the CGE will take care of registering accepted students for the course. Students participating in these programs MUST be enrolled in the course for the entire semester to attend the international experience.