Registering For-Credit Internships

If you are a senior ready to enroll in your professional (for-credit) internship, the following page outlines the steps you should take. These steps assume you have already found an internship and been offered a position by the organization/employer. For more information on how to find an internship, visit the Finding an Internship page.

Students in the School of Arts & Sciences

  1. Meet with your AIM. If you haven’t already met with your Academic Internship Mentor (AIM), please do so now. This faculty member ultimately approves your internship, so it is in your best interest to prepare them for what the information they are about to review. Departments differ on expectations and requirements in regard to the internship, so your AIM can help you through that process and make sure you’re on the right track.
  2. Contact your internship site. Your internship supervisor will also need to approve your internship and agree that you will be their intern for the next semester. Be sure to give this person a heads-up that they will receive an email from Marymount requesting their approval.
  3. Login to Handshake. Click on “Reporting a Professional Internship” on the left-hand side of the screen. Follow the steps and hit submit. A detailed guide of this process can be found here.

Once your internship has been approved by your AIM and the school, you will be automatically enrolled in your internship course (i.e. xxx 400/490) for the appropriate amount of credits. Requirements for completing the course vary by department and will be communicated to you directly by your AIM. Please note that successful completion of the internship course requires that you turn all assignments required by your AIM.

Students in the School of Business

Contact the Director of Business Internships, David Pomeroy or call (703) 284-5941.

Students in the School of Education & Human Services

Contact your academic advisor.

Students in the Malek School of Health Professions

Contact your academic advisor.