Interior Design (M.A.)

Whether you are just beginning a career as an interior designer or advancing your current professional interior design knowledge and skills, Marymount University can fit your needs – offering two tracks in its Interior Design program. 

Marymount’s Master of Arts in Interior Design program strives to nurture your intellectual growth, independent learning, and an increased capacity to engage in interior design practice.

The coursework of the M. Wilhelmina Boldt Interior Design program strengthens and supports the knowledge, skills, and techniques necessary in competent interior design practice while providing the foundation for the exploration of a specific aspect of the profession. Graduates are expected to understand, use, and conduct scholarly research to expand the profession’s body of knowledge and to assume leadership roles in the field.

Your coursework will provide an increased understanding of human needs within the built environment as required for practice or education and research. Coursework also fosters an interdisciplinary approach to design, while supporting independent and lifelong learning. In the classroom, you will focus on design knowledge and skills, as well as a comprehensive design process with emphasis on the development of programming skills. This includes proficiencies that address client or user goals and needs, graphic and written communication, problem solving, critical thinking, ethics, and social responsibility. Scholarly research is promoted through application in coursework and independent learning and the thesis or design research.

The Council for Interior Design Accreditation has continually accredited Marymount’s first professional M.A. in Interior Design program since 2005. (The post-professional program is not accredited because CIDA does not accredit post-professional master’s programs.) CIDA is the only accrediting agency for interior design. While graduation from a CIDA-accredited program is not now required for practice, it does ensure that graduates possess the knowledge and skills needed to enter the profession. Most design firms and members of the profession recognize the importance and quality of a degree from an accredited program and seek to hire its graduates.

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Interior Design (M.A.)

Interior Design (M.A.)