Student Research Conference

The Student Research Conference is an annual celebration of student scholarship and creative works. Both undergraduate and graduate students are invited to submit proposals to share their work with the greater Marymount community at this day-long event. A committee of faculty from across campus review the applications and invite students to present their work based on a scoring rubric.

Presenting at this event is a noteworthy resume builder and meaningful learning experience, preparing you for future presentation of your scholarly and creative works to a broad professional audience.

Scholarly work across all disciplines and student groups are welcome: the sciences, arts, humanities, and profession-specific; graduate and undergraduate. Examples of applicable projects include:

  • Original research or creative works completed as part of a thesis or capstone activity,
  • Projects that apply current best-evidence to solve a ‘real-world’ problem (e.g., case reports or action research projects),
  • Projects that create new insights about existing knowledge or offer new theories.

The Spring 2019 Conference was on April 24.  Thank you to all the students who participated and the faculty who assisted in making this a successful event.  Awards were given out for best undergraduate and best graduate oral and poster presentations. The list of award winners is listed below. Congratulations to all the award winners and to all students who were chosen to present their work at the conference. This link will bring you to a list of all presentations given at the 2019 Student Research Conference.

List of 2019 Award Winners 

​                Undergraduate Oral Presentaion 

  • First Place
    • Charlotte Hepler, Nursing  
  • Second Place 
    • Brianna Simmons, Psychology   
  • Third Place (2-way tie)
    • Grant Gallas, Liberal Studies    
    • Amanda Sciorillo, Biochemistry  

                Undergraduate Poster Presentation

  • First Place 
    • Eric Malani, Biology 
  • Second Place 
    • Shellee Pelayo, Health Sciences, Pre-PT  
  • Third Place 
    • Mikal Fikremariam, Nursing 

                  Graduate Oral Presentations

  • First Place 
    • Geoffrey Goidell,  Physical Therapy 
  • Second Place 
    • Katherine Maloney,  Physical Therapy 
  • Third Place (2-way tie)
    • Eunsol Lee, Physical Therapy  
    • Maggie Eberspacher, Communication 

                   Graduate Poster Presentations

  • First Place (3-way tie)
    • Brandon Carestia, Physical Therapy 
    • Rani-Kai Samuda-McGovern, Physical Therapy 
    • Samantha Paredes, Physical Therapy 
  • Second Place (2-way tie)
    • Olivia Searle, Physical Therapy 
    • Laila Parhizkavani, Physical Therapy 
  • Third Place
    • Michael Giles, Physical Therapy 

Information about the 2020 Student research conference will be posted in early fall 2019.