Student Research Conference

The Student Research Conference provides a forum for undergraduate and graduate students to present research that they have completed in conjunction with a faculty mentor. We look forward to seeing you there as a presenter, a faculty mentor, an enthusiastic audience member, or a supportive family member!

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Student Research Conference 2018

Wednesday, April 25, 2018
Ballston Center, Arlington, VA

The 2018 Student Research Conference (SRC) provides an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to present their work to their peers in a variety of formats.

Platform (oral) Presentations: There will be two sessions in each half of the conference dedicated to platform (oral) presentations. These are 15 minute presentations followed by 5 minutes of audience questions that allow the researcher to provide in-depth insight into their work. Due to the large number of quality proposals, there will be three presentation rooms running concurrently during each of the Platform Presentation sessions. You are encouraged to select the presentations that you want to hear and take your seats quickly so we can get underway on time.

Poster Presentations: During the poster sessions participants will have the opportunity to get a quick bite to eat and to peruse the gallery of 36" x 42" printed posters displaying the researcher's work. Each poster will be presented by the researcher and the audience can ask questions in a more personal approach to research dissemination. You are encouraged to look at the titles on the online guide and then search for the poster that most interests you and find out more about it from the author themselves. 

Lightning Presentations: This is a new category of presentation this year for the SRC and it is modelled after the 3 Minute Thesis approach used in Queensland, Austalia. Each presenter will have 7 minutes to present their research topic, followed by 3 minutes of questions. These short, to the point presentations will give the audience a taste of what was done in each of the projects and are sure to keep them on their toes as they rapidly follow one another. 

We are sure that you will not only learn a lot through the Student Research Conference but we know you will be inspired to take the next steps in your research and maybe next year you will be up front presenting your work to your peers.

2018 SRC Schedule at-a-Glance

Undergraduate Programming (click for full schedule)
10:15 am Registration Registration and Coffee
10:45 am Session I Undergraduate Lightning Talks
11:30 am Session II Undergraduate Posters and Lunch
1:10 pm Session III Undergraduate Oral Presentations - Session #1
2:15 pm Session IV Undergraduate Oral Presentations - Session #2

Graduate Programming (click for full schedule)
4:00 pm Registration  
4:30 pm Session V Graduate Posters and Reception
6:00 pm Session VI Graduate Lightning Presentations
6:40 pm Session VII Graduate Oral Presentations - Session #1
7:45 pm Session VIII Graduate Oral Presentations - Session #2
 A PDF version of the 2018 schedule is available online for download or you can click the links above for the online detailed schedules.