Mabelle Wilhelmina Boldt Collection

The Boldt Room, located on the ground floor of the Reinsch Library building, houses over 1,500 interior design, applied, and fine arts materials that are international in scope and span from ancient times through the 1980s. Floor plans, blueprints, drawings, painting, and models of room decoration and design are included in the collection. Many of the framed pieces from this collection are displayed throughout the Reinsch Library building.

The Boldt collection contains materials originally housed in the library of the International Institute of Interior Design. Founded in 1957, and presided over for three decades by Mabelle Wilhelmina Boldt, the Institute provided professional training to students in interior design. The Institute ceased operation in 1990.

The room may also be reserved by Marymount University faculty and staff or the Director and Board of Alumni Trustees of the International Institute of Interior Design. When it is not reserved, the Boldt Room is available for group study on a first come, first served basis.

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