Liaisons by Department

School of Arts & Sciences  
Art Meghan Burke
Biology & Physical Sciences Mason Yang
Communication & Media Design Meghan Burke
Fashion Design & Merchandising Bernadette Mirro
History & Politics Hall Baldwin
Interior Design Bernadette Mirro
Liberal Studies Bernadette Mirro
Literature & Languages Gwen Vredevoogd
Mathematics Laura Khouvongsavanh
Philosophy Hall Baldwin
Theology & Religious Studies Hall Baldwin

School of Business Administration  
Accounting Marcia Dursi
Business Management Marcia Dursi
Cybersecurity Mason Yang
Economics Marcia Dursi
Finance Marcia Dursi
Health Care Management & Legal Studies Marcia Dursi
Human Resource Management Marcia Dursi
Information Technology Mason Yang
Marketing Marcia Dursi

School of Health Professions  
Health Sciences & Health Promotion Linda Todd
Nursing Linda Todd
Physical Therapy Linda Todd

School of Education and Human Services  
Counseling Jenise Overmier
Criminal Justice Jenise Overmier
Education Gwen Vredevoogd
Legal & Forensic Psychology Jenise Overmier
Psychology Jenise Overmier
Sociology Jenise Overmier