Strategic Planning

In 2013, Marymount University published its five-year Strategic Plan, Building the Institution of Choice, 2013-2018. The Office of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness (PIE) is charged with coordinating university wide strategic planning efforts. In this role, PIE annually leads the Strategic Planning Committee in evaluating Marymount’s progress on the plan, adjusting current actions, and identifying new actions as appropriate.

Building the Institution of Choice, 2013-2018

Each year, a revised plan reflecting the changes in strategic actions is issued by PIE. Although the goals of the plan do not change, the revised plan shows which actions have been completed; next steps that need to be taken on an existing action; revised actions; and new actions that have been added to the plan.

Building the Institution of Choice, 2017-18, Revision

The assessment of the plan is done in three ways: strategic indicators giving data that measures global progress on the plan; annual spring review of the plan that illustrates what has been completed on the plan and what adjustments need to be made; critical review of financial expenditures that were linked to the plan by academic programs and administrative departments.

Strategic Indicators

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