Strategic Initiatives

Marymount University is in the process of creating a new and dynamic Strategic Plan that reflects the Marymount spirit. Marymount has hired the higher education consulting firm, Credo, to facilitate the planning process.

The plan is being framed by three strategic imperatives identified by President Becerra through her engagement with the Marymount community.  They are:
  • Expanding the number of students who can benefit from a Marymount education by increasing enrollment
  • Emphasizing student success to improve retention and timely graduation
  • Providing outstanding service to students, faculty and staff to remove all challenges to learning, teaching, and supporting students
      Strategic Planning Process

Leadership Team Retreat (August 20-22, 2018)- Members of the Strategic Planning Committee along with additional cabinet, staff, and faculty met to begin the process of creating the strategic plan. The retreat included: identifying strengths and weaknesses within the university; brainstorming sessions which generated ideas on how to improve the university weaknesses and capitalize on university strengths; and classifying themes that will build the framework for the plan. 

Board Meeting (September 6, 2018)- President Becerra met with the university's Board of Trustees to outline the work from the Leadership Team Retreat and the planned activities for creation of the plan. Dr. Becerra gathered thoughts and ideas from the Trustees and received their approval for moving forward with the current framework of the plan.

Community Day (September 26, 2018) - Over 200 Marymount faculty and staff gathered on campus to brainstorm on the 4 themes brought from the Leadership Team Retreat (Sustainable Future, Distinctive  Identity, Transformative Experience, Vibrant Community). Credo co-founder, Joanne Soliday, facilitated the afternoon of work with explanations of the themes and directions on how facult and staff should generate ideas that will move the plan forward. This was a fast paced afternoon of dreaming of what the future of Marymount can be!


             Community Day 2018

Planning Team Meeting (November 19, 2018) - Members of the Strategic Planning Committee along with additional cabinet, staff, and faculty met with Credo consultants to share the data from Community Day and Board of Trustee discussions, to discuss the next steps in the process, and to make preparations for the work of the 4 Theme Teams.

Theme Team Kick Off Meeting (November 28, 2019) - A Theme Team Kick Off meeting was held on November 28 with Dr. Becerra presenting an overview and introduction to the strategic map and strategic planning process. Theme Teams then broke out into study rooms to organize and plan future meetings.

Theme Team Meetings (December, 2018 -January, 2019) - During December and January each Theme Team met approximately four times for 2 hours each meeting. The teams sifted through all the university feedback that fell under their themes, created initiatives, and prioritized those initiatives. The results from the teams were placed on a spreadsheet that asked for objective, initiative, initiative description, success metric, initiative priority, initiative owner, and cabinet sponsor. 

Planning Team Meeting (February 22, 2019)
Community Affirmation (February, 2019)
Board Approval (March, 2019)
Implementation (March, 2019)

If you have any questions on the strategic planning process, please feel free to contact the Office of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness.