Data Requests

Directions for Completing the Request for Services and Data Form:

Please read our "Statement on Confidential Data and Information"  by clicking here
  1. To help expedite requests, The Office of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness (PIE) has created a Request for Data Form. We ask that you complete the form and submit it for fast and friendly service. If you have questions, please contact:
Planning and Institutional Effectiveness (PIE)
Marymount University
Rowley Hall, Suite 1004
Email Us
Phone: 703.284.5748
  1. Upon receipt of your request, a PIE staff member will contact you. At that time, a deadline date for receipt of the data will be negotiated based on the priority of the item, the complexity of the request, and the present workload of staff members.
  2. How will the requested data be used? Indicate if the information requested is needed for budget planning, curriculum review and planning, accreditation, assessment, a grant proposal, etc. Also indicate if the information will appear in an internal or external report or document. Please be specific when raising the questions to be answered in order to receive more useful information.



Please indicate your affiliation in the space below if you choose "other".

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Please give a detailed summary of what your are looking for. Include the type of information you would like to see on the return report.

This is required to determine business need and security needs of data.

Give staff time to get this request, analyze, build and report out your information.