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Office of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness

The Office of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness (PIE) serves the Marymount University community by providing information, data and analyses that support and strengthen planning and decision-making at the University. PIE offers a strong leadership role in the University’s ongoing self reflection and is the source of official data and information for the University.


PIE strives to fulfill its mission by:

  • compiling, analyzing, and reporting official institutional data to promote data-driven evaluation
  • reporting accurate institutional data and information to federal, state, and local governments, nonprofit organizations, publications, and other requestors
  • administering and analyzing institution-wide surveys examining students, graduates, and alumni experiences at Marymount
  • coordinating and supporting assessment activities across the University
  • promoting faculty and staff research and evaluation of their own effectiveness accompanied by methodological guidance and technological support
  • providing valid, reliable data and information to support assessment, planning, and accreditation activities
  • planning and coordinating new strategic initiatives
  • coordinating University-wide strategic planning efforts
  • administering data reports in real time for use in the school and administrative offices of Academic Affairs decisionmaking process
  • coordinating collection and dissemination of data to ensure institutional compliance with disclosure requirements
  • overseeing accreditation compliance and SACSCOC reporting

MU Statement on Confidential Data & Information