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Office Location Telephone # Email
Academic Affairs Rowley 1004 703-284-1550 Email Us
Admissions (Undergraduate) Butler Hall, 1st floor 800-548-7638
Email Us
Admissions (Graduate) Ballston Center 703-284-5901
Email Us
Alumni Relations Main House, 2nd floor 800-787-2586
Email Us
Athletics Rose Bente Lee Center, lower level 703-284-1619 Email Us
Barry Art Gallery Reinsch Library, 1st floor   Email Us
Bernie’s Cafe Rose Bente Lee Center, 1st floor 703-526-6912 Email Us
Bookstore Rose Bente Lee Center, 2nd floor 703-284-1614 Email Us
Business Office St. Joseph Hall, 2nd floor 703-284-1480 Email Us
Campus and Residential Services Berg Hall, 1st floor 703-284-1608 Email Us
Campus Programs & Leadership Development Lodge, 2nd floor 703-284-1611 Email Us
Campus Safety Ireton Hall, 1st floor 703-284-1601 Email Us
Campus Ministry Lodge, 1st floor 703-284-1607 Email Us
Cashier Rowley Hall, 1st floor 703-284-1490 Email Us
Center for Career Services Rowley Hall, 1st floor 703-284-5960 Email Us
Center for Global Education (Study Abroad) Rowley, 1st floor 703-284-6474 Email Us
Center for Teaching and Learning Rowley, G105 703-284-1538 Email Us
Chapel Sacred Heart of Mary Chapel, Main Campus
Ballston Center
  Email Us
Conference Center Office Ballston Center 703-284-1540 Email Us
Computer labs Rowley Hall, G2 level   Email Us
Copy Services Berg Hall
Ballston Center
703-284-1493 Email Us
Counseling Center Berg Hall, 1st floor 703-526-6861 Email Us
Development Main House, 2nd Floor 703-284-1647 Email Us
Dining Services Gerard Phelan Hall, 2nd floor 703-284-5790 Email Us
DISCOVER Rowley, G105 703-284-1538 Email Us
Educational Partnerships Reston Center 703-284-5770 Email Us
Financial Affairs St. Joseph Hall, 2nd floor 703-284-1480 Email Us
Financial Aid Rowley Hall, 1st floor 703-284-1530 Email Us
Fitness Centers Rose Benté Lee Center, Lee Ostapenko Hall   Email Us
Honors Program Lodge, 2nd floor   Email Us
Human Resource Services Ireton Hall, 1st floor 703-284-1680 Email Us
ID and Parking Office Ireton Hall, 1st floor 703-284-5700 Email Us
Information Technology Services Reinsch Library, lower level, G20 703-526-6990 Email Us
International Student Services Gerard Phelan Hall, 1st floor 703-526-6922 Email Us
Library and Learning Services Reinsch Library
Ballston Center
Email Us
Mailboxes Rose Benté Lee Center, 2nd floor, Rowley Hall, Lee Ostapenko Hall   Email Us
Mail Services Berg Hall, lower level 703-284-1494 Email Us
Malek School of Health Professions Caruthers Hall, 1st floor 703-284-1580 Email Us
Office of the President Main House, 2nd floor 703-284-1598 Email Us
Physical Plant Gerard Phelan Hall, 1st floor 703-284-1529 Email Us
Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Rowley Hall, 1st Floor 703-284-5748 Email Us
Pool Rose Benté Lee Center, lower level 703-284-3832 Email Us
Recreational Gym Rose Benté Lee Center, lower level   Email Us
Registrar Rowley Hall, 1st floor 703-284-1520 Email Us
Reinsch Library Auditorium Reinsch Library, 1st floor   Email Us
School of Design, Arts and Humanities Gailhac Hall, top floor 703-284-1560 Email Us
School of Business and Technology Ballston Center 703-284-5910 Email Us
School of Sciences, Mathematics and Education Rowley Hall, G1 level 703-284-1620 Email Us
Student Accounts Rowley Hall, 1st floor   Email Us
Student Affairs Gerard Phelan Hall, 1st floor 703-284-1615 Email Us
Student Health Center Berg Hall, 1st floor 703-284-1610 Email Us
Title IX Office The Lodge 703-526-6940 Email Us
Transportation Reinsch Library 703-284-5760 Email Us
University Communications   877-345-4281 Email Us
Verizon Sports Arena Rose Benté Lee Center, 1st floor 703-526-6910 Email Us