Emergency & Weather Related Closings

In the event of severe weather or other unusual conditions, Marymount University may delay or cancel classes, or close. Information about delays, cancellations, and closings will be made available as soon as possible once a decision is made, through a variety of media:

  • The MU Alerts text messaging and e-mail system*
  • Marymount’s Weather and Emergency Information Line: 703-526-6888
  • Marymount’s website: www.marymount.edu
  • Local radio stations, including WTOP (103.5 FM) and WMAL (630 AM)
  • Local television stations, including NewsChannel 8 and channels 4 (NBC), 5 (FOX), 7 (ABC), and 9 (CBS)

*MU Alerts is an opt-in system. If you have not yet signed up to receive alerts, please visit the Campus Safety website to do so. This system is used only to communicate emergency information and weather-related cancellations and closings.

Marymount employees should note that there are two possible scenarios:

1. Classes and/or events may be cancelled or delayed due to weather or other unusual conditions. In this case, University offices will be open and operations other than classes or designated events will be conducted. Emergency employees** must report for work according to their normal schedules. Other employees who cannot report for work may use “liberal leave” (e.g. they may charge the day to either sick leave or annual leave).

2. The University as a whole may be closed due to severe weather or other unusual conditions. In this event, all classes and events will be cancelled, and University offices will be closed. Only essential operations will be conducted (security, services for resident students, etc.) during such periods. In this case, emergency employees** must report for work according to their normal schedules. All other employees should report the time as “emergency paid leave.”

**Emergency employees include designated staff in the following offices: Campus Safety and Transportation, Information Technology Services, Mailroom, Payroll, Physical Plant, Residence Life, and the Student Health Center.