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Historians tell stories – real stories that recount real events that changed lives, nations, and civilizations. There’s a bit of a historian in all of us. Marymount’s History program encourages you to bring out your inner “historian.”

When something meaningful happens in your family, country, or on the other side of the world and you ask “what, why, where, how,” you are thinking like a historian. When you answer those questions and record those answers, you are a historian – preserving stories from family history to events of international consequence.

Marymount’s History program prompts you to ask questions – something historians call the study of cause-and-effect relationships. What causes wars, technological revolutions, and changing culture? And what are the effects of these happenings? All realms of exploration are open to the historian’s questions – political, economic, social, cultural, and intellectual matters.

As a Marymount History major, you will focus on European and American history, the foundations of Western civilization. History is also part of the Liberal Arts Core,  providing students across the University with exposure to the discipline.

Do you want to teach History to students in middle or high school? Marymount offers an option to pursue teaching licensure for History and Social Science. You also have the opportunity to pursue a minor in Public History, study abroad, and participate in internships and research in areas of special interest.

World-renowned museums and libraries like the Smithsonian and The Library of Congress are a Metro ride away, making it easy to pursue those special interests.

Many History majors move on to law school or teaching. Many others find satisfying careers in museums, business, information technology, nonprofit organizations, politics, and public relations. Emphasis on the development of critical thinking, research, and writing skills – plus the internship – make Marymount History majors highly employable.

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Faculty Spotlight

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                      Photo Of Jace Stuckey
Dr. Jace Stuckey
Assistant Professor of History

Dr. Stuckey's research is centered on Medieval Europe and focuses on the Crusades, the interplay between history and memory, and the Legend of Charlemagne.