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Return to Campus Update

Click here to view the full Saints Reunite Guide to Marymount University's 2020-21 Reopening, approved by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV).


Campus Reopening Guidebook 2020


"Saints Reunite" Campus Reopening Video Guide

Click here to view the Face Covering Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions for Employees Returning to Campus

Q: Does everyone need to be back on campus on Monday, June 22?

A: The simple answer is ‘NO.’ The Deans and VP’s will be working with individual employees this week to determine if a person’s work environment is safe to return to.


Determining Factors:

  • Does an employee have a shared office space or an enclosed, private office? If the space is shared, are there proper safety measures in place to return on the 22nd? (i.e. six feet between desks, plexiglass installed, etc.)
  • Should the office staff be phased back?
  • What are the requirements of the particular office/division/department?
  • Timing - does the office perform a critical function that cannot continue to be performed remotely?

Q: What if I cannot find childcare since my child’s school/daycare/summer camp is closed?

A: If your regular summer childcare provisions and alternative arrangements are not currently available, speak with your manager for temporary accommodations until such arrangements can be made.


Q: Can the wearing of a face covering be enforced?

A: Yes, the mask policy will be enforced by Campus Safety. The policy states that masks or face coverings must be worn (1) outside when within six feet of another person, and (2) inside, except when alone in your office. Homemade masks such as bandanas are permissible, in keeping with CDC guidelines. Alternatives to masks, such as face shields, must be approved by your supervisor or by Student Accessibility Services in cases involving students.


Generally, it is incumbent upon all students, staff, and faculty to model a culture of mask wearing. All should be Mask Ambassadors by (1) wearing a mask, (2) gently reminding all we come into contact with that they should be wearing a mask, and (3) knowing where to obtain masks on campus. Reusable masks are available for purchase at the campus store, and  surgical masks for one-time use are kept at the Guardhouse and the Campus Safety desk at Ballston, as supplies allow.


We will be issuing an official mask policy to the MU community in the next week. 


Q: Will face coverings be available if I’ve forgotten mine?

A: Yes. The University has purchased disposable, surgical masks for emergency use. It is expected that all employees will have their own masks, but several locations will carry these disposable face coverings if you have forgotten yours. The bookstore will also carry cloth masks for purchase closer to the start of the semester.


Q: Will the Ballston Center be open on June 22?

A: Yes, from 7 am to 11 pm. Access will be via MU ID only, in both the building and the garage.


Q: Will elevators have capacity limits?

A: Yes. Signs will be posted by Monday, June 22 with maximum ridership numbers.


Q: Will shuttles be available on Monday, June 22 to ride from the Metro to Ballston and Main Campus?  

A: Yes. There will be one shuttle running on a loop during the following times from Ballston Metro to Ballston Center to Main Campus for any MU employees: 7-11 am, and 4-7 pm. Please be sure to display your MU ID.


Q: What safety measures are in place on the shuttles, and will they be ready on Monday, June 22?

A: Riders are limited to sitting in window seats ONLY. Plexiglass has been installed between rows to ensure limited contact.


Q: Where will plexiglass shields be installed?  

A: Plexiglass shields have been ordered and will be installed in common area spaces and at service (open area) counter desks.  


Q: Will plexiglass shields be installed at my common area desk by Monday, June 22?

A: Unfortunately, we have not yet received the order of permanent plexiglass dividers as of this week and they will NOT be available or installed by Monday, June 22. Portable plexiglass dividers have been ordered and are scheduled to arrive on campus between June 19 and June 24. Physical Plant will install dividers as soon as they are available and will have some emergency sheets of plexiglass for spaces needing them ASAP.


Q: Will there be sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer available for me to use?

A: The University has purchased and received Purell hand sanitizer dispensers which are being installed campus-wide. While wipes are difficult to purchase due to high demand, we do have some wipes on hand for use on phones and other common use items. Priority departments will receive sanitizing wipes first:

  • Athletics (for use in summer camps)
  • Student Health Center
  • Nursing Labs (ongoing simulation labs during the summer)

Q: What happens if I get sick and I am the only person who does my job?  

A: Per our regular employee policy, notify your supervisor if you are ill. Any sick employee will follow Leave guidelines, providing medical notices. If an employee is unable to fulfill their current tasks, departments will follow their operational protocols, beginning with the reassignment of tasks. 


Q: If we have a guest on campus, how does my guest visit me? 

A: Starting Monday, June 22, the Campus Safety Contactless Visitor Pick Up Stations will go into effect. The goal is to serve all visitors as effectively and as safely as possible while providing a contactless service. The following will be implemented:

  1. Departments must send the Visitor Log to all guests to complete prior to their arrival.
  2. Departments are to drop off a 'Visitor Package' for their guest(s). The Main Campus Contactless Visitor Pick Up Station is located outside of the Guardhouse in order to provide a contactless service. The Ballston Center Contactless Visitor Pick Up Station will be next to the lobby desk on the first floor.
  3. As your visitor arrives on campus, they will confirm their name to the officers at the Guardhouse/Ballston and then be directed to the Visitor Station.
  4. The Visitor Station will have designated compartments indicating the guest's name. Within each compartment, there will be a ziploc bag containing a parking pass, designated mask(s), a campus map, and directions/contact info on where to meet their host. 

Please note:

  • Parking pass and campus map will be provided by Campus Safety.
  • Ziploc bag and mask, if needed, will be provided by the department responsible for the visit.
  • Directions/contact details will be provided by the department responsible for the visit.

Q: Will there be proper signage in place for all offices indicating policies?

A: Yes.


Q: What happens if someone contracts COVID-19, and how will you support their safety and the safety of their contacts?

A: We understand the health concerns associated with contracting COVID-19, and we are making every effort to mitigate risk among students, staff, and faculty. Towards this end, we have developed detailed testing, contact tracing, self-isolation, and quarantine protocols, many of which can be found on our main COVID-19 FAQ page. This page also details what you should do if you contract the virus or believe you may have been exposed to it or exposed others.


Q: What if I’m not ready to return to campus yet?

A: Speak with your supervisor and have a discussion. While all employees are expected to return to campus, employees are encouraged to take advantage of our FREE Employee Assistance Program (EAP), where counselors are available 24x7 to help employees cope with COVID-19 or other anxiety-related issues.

Q: Does the "Saint's Reunite" plan need to be approved by SCHEV prior to staff returning to campus?
A: No. The SCHEV review primarily focuses on policies and procedures related to student campus reentry this fall for the start of the academic year. At this time, Marymount continues to follow Virginia's Higher Educations Reopening Guidance to create policies and procedures with the goal of safely repopulating the campus. The plan highlights the importance of ongoing COVID-19 education and prevention, physical distancing, hygiene practices and cleaning protocols, face coverings, active monitoring of campus health conditions, and attention to vulnerable populations. For more information on the VA Higher Education Reopening Guidance, please click here.