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Inspired Vision for a Bold New Era

Propelled by the vision of its founding order, the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary, Marymount University enters a bold new era. We are energized by the positive momentum we have achieved through an ardent commitment to broad-minded, full-hearted, serious students who are drawn to the challenge of becoming informed, compassionate, and contributing citizens. Since our beginning in 1950 Marymount has fulfilled its mission through a stalwart dedication to intellectual curiosity, global perspective and service to others. Today, we stand ready to continue our pursuit of these worthy values and take our place among academic institutions of increasing relevance to today’s opportunities.

To accomplish this goal, Marymount’s seventh president must be an experienced, faith-centered leader with the vision and zeal to guide this thriving campus community to new heights of excellence.

These pages contain information about this search, including the job profile, the search process, the University, and its leadership.