Reporting Options

The University is committed to providing a variety of welcoming and accessible means so that all instances of Prohibited Conduct will be reported.

Title IX Office

Brooke Berry, JD
(703) 526-6940, St. Joseph, Room 1004
email us
Submit a Report of Sexual or Interpersonal Misconduct

MU Deputy Title IX Coordinators

Sarah Hamrock
(703) 284-3334, Rose Bente Lee Center, Room 412
Email Ms. Hamrock

Susan Boyd
(703) 284-1609, Berg Hall, Room 1001A
Email Ms. Boyd

Marymount University Office of Campus Safety

Available 24/7 at the Guardhouse
(703) 284-1600
Email Campus Safety

Marymount University International Student Support Advisor

Aline Orfali
(703) 284-5797
Email Ms. Orfali

At the time a report is made, a Complainant does not have to decide whether or not to request any particular course of action. Nor does a Complainant need to know how to label what happened. Choosing to make a report of Prohibited Conduct, and deciding how to proceed after making the report, can be a process that unfolds over time. The University provides support through the Sexual and Interpersonal Misconduct Policy that can assist each individual in making these important decisions, and to the extent legally possible, will respect an individual’s autonomy in deciding how to proceed balancing the individual’s interest with its obligation to provide a safe and non-discriminatory environment for all members of the University community.

Responsible Employees who are required to disclose information of Prohibited Conduct to the Title IX Coordinator include: faculty, staff, administrators and those student employees/volunteers who have responsibility for the welfare of other students. Student employees/volunteers who are required to share reports of Prohibited Conduct with the Title IX Coordinator include: Resident Assistants, Graduate Assistants and interns from other institutions or organizations. These individuals are required to share with the Title IX Coordinator all information of Prohibited Conduct which they receive or become aware, including the identities of the parties, if known. Responsible Employees including faculty members are not prohibited by FERPA from disclosing instances of Prohibited Conduct. FERPA has been construed to be subordinate to Title IX in the event of a conflict.

Any individual who reports Prohibited Conduct can be assured that all reports will be investigated and resolved in a fair and impartial manner. All individuals involved can expect to be treated with dignity and respect. In every report of Prohibited Conduct under this Policy, the Title IX Coordinator will make an immediate assessment of any risk of harm to the University community and will take steps necessary to address those risks. These steps will include appropriate interim measures to provide for the safety of the individual and the University community.

Making a report of Prohibited Conduct under this Policy means telling the Title IX Coordinator or any other University staff or faculty member who are considered responsible employees and are required to share the information with the Title IX Coordinator. To enable the University to respond to all reports in a prompt and equitable manner, the University encourages all individuals to directly report any incident of Prohibited Conduct to the Title IX Coordinator and/or Campus Safety (24-hour availability).