Medical/Health Insurance Requirements

Student Medical Form

All new undergraduate students and any graduate students will receive a Student Medical Form included with their acceptance letter. This form must be filled out by your doctor and returned to the University’s Student Health Center by the time you register. You may bring this form with you to orientation. In addition to your other required inoculations and vaccinations, it is important that you have a measles inoculation.

If you need a copy of the form, you can visit the Student Health Center's webpage. Failure to complete this requirement will result in a restriction placed on your records, a delay in your registration, and inability to attend classes.

Health Insurance

Marymount requires all undergraduates taking 12 or more credits and graduates taking 9 or more credits to have health insurance. The University sponsors a low-cost student health insurance plan for graduate and undergraduate students. All full-time registered students will automatically be charged the premium for this insurance plan on their Student Accounts bill.

If you already have adequate medical insurance coverage and do not require the insurance coverage offered through Marymount’s plan, please complete the online waiver form. After your waiver is approved, your student account will be credited. This waiver must be completed at the beginning of each academic year before the stated deadline.  Otherwise, Marymount will charge you automatically for its insurance plan.