Gerard Phelan Hall

This residence hall is located in the same building as the Main Dining Hall and it is connected to The Lodge, which is home to the Office of Campus Programs & Leadership Development and Campus Ministry. Residents live in double rooms on single-sex floors where floor residents share a common bathroom. All rooms in Gerard have built-in furniture, which provides ample storage but minimal ability to rearrange beds. Lounges with kitchens are located on each floor.

Please click here to see a detailed room layout of a renovated room. 
Please click here to see a detailed room layout of an unrenovated room
Room layouts designed by Camila Molina, Kristine Delostrinos, Joanna Chenallie, and Karen Bastidas, Marymount University Interior Design students

Gerard Hall is also home to many of the Living-Learning Communites at Marymount.

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