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Housing Updates

This information is for members of our Marymount family who may be impacted by the current humidity and moisture issues in Berg Hall. As a close-knit community of Marymount Saints, we are committed to your safety.

Over the past several weeks the Washington, DC region has been inundated with higher than usual humidity and rain.  These extreme weather conditions, coupled with high temperatures, have impacted the levels of humidity in Berg Hall. Similar to several universities in this region, we are working diligently to minimize the impact on our students and to develop a thorough response. 

We will continue to update this webpage with all relevant information for students and families. 

Berg Hall residents and families communications

10-22-18: Holiday Inn Move back instructions: Residents displaced at the Holiday Inn

10-22-18: On Campus Move Back instructions: Residents displaced in main campus housing

10-22-18: Berg Update from Student Affairs Vice President, Dr. Linda McMurdock

10-17-18: E-mail communication to Berg residents regarding remediation process and move back details. 

9-26-18: E-mail communication to Berg residents: University response, relocation details & instructions


9-24-2018: E-mail communication: Berg Hall residents

9-19-18: E-mail communication: Summary of floor meeting 

General information
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