Dining Services

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How to Sign Up for a Meal Plan:

  1.  Log in to (this is the MU portal)
  2. Click on StarRez Link
  3. At StarRez Login screen type in your 7 digit MU ID Number for both “Student Number” and “Password” and click Sign In.
  4. Click on the “Housing and Meal Plan Application”
  5. Click on the dot for “Academic Year 2017-2018” and scroll to the bottom and click “Save & Continue”
  6. At the welcome screen click “Save & Continue”
  7. Fill out any Special Needs and click “Save & Continue”
  8. On the Meal plan page, review the options and only select from Commuter options.
  9. On the Conformation page review your select and click “I Confirm” 10. You’re all done! Your meal plan will be live in one hour.

Do I need to purchase a meal plan?


 If you’re a residential student, you are required to have a meal plan. Commuter students are welcome to purchase one of our commuter meal plan options.

What are Dining Dollars?


Dining Dollars are cash values included in all meal plans. They work like a pre-paid debit card with funds kept on your student ID card. Dining Dollars may be used at any on-campus dining location.

Do Dining Dollars carry over from semester to semester?


Dining Dollars are available to use throughout the semester, but do not carry over to the next semester. Dining Dollars renew with the start of a new semester.

Do Block Meals carry over from semester to semester?


Block meals may be used during the semester in which are purchased. They do not carry over from semester to semester.

Can I change my meal plan if it doesn’t fit my needs?


Yes! Changing your meal plan can be done during the first two weeks of school for residential meal plans. Changes must be made through the Office of Residential Services. 
Resident students may only change their meal plan 1 time per semester.

If I’m not a Resident Hall Student, where do I buy my meal plan?


If you live off-campus, you can purchase a commuter meal plan through the StarRez link at

Frequently Asked Questions