Living Learning Communities

Themed Communities

Marymount’s Office of Campus and Residential Services offers opportunities for undergraduate students with similar interests to live together in themed communities. Each themed community provides its residents with an atmosphere dedicated to academic success, student support, and activities geared for the enrichment of their residents.

To apply for any of these communities, you must fill out the MU Special Interest Community Application.

The Women of Faith Community

The WoF community seeks to bring together women that are interested in living virtuous and faith-filled lives and to create a community for female student to
form a strong community in faith and friendship, while having an environment for female student so openly discuss, express and explore faith. Students in this community are expected to complete 10 community service hours per semester and be actively engaged in the community. WoF is located on the 4 th  floor of Gerard Hall.

Marymount University Global Thinkers Community

The MUGT community is a residential community for both U.S. and International students. This community is geared towards diversifying a student's global competence and enhancing mutual respects and understanding amount students of different backgrounds. Members are engaged in a number of cross-cultural programs and experiences to enhance their sensitivity to diversity and to promote social justice across the borders. Students must be open for interaction with other students with respect to their backgrounds and beliefs and to sharing their own heritage with their peers. Additionally, it is expected that students will participate in at least two community events a semester and be actively engaged in the community. MUST is located on the 1 st  floor of Gerard Hall. This community is open to men and women.

Marymount University Scholar's Community

MSC is a new residential learning community for both Honors students and high academic achieving students who share a unique passion for academics, learning, and creating an educationally supportive community of like-minded individuals. Students focused on developing interpersonal and academic competencies will find their ideal home in the Marymount Scholars Community. Open to both male and female first year and upperclassmen students, this community benefits from extended quiet hours, interactive and dynamic programs led by a live-in Resident Assistant with collaborations from faculty and staff across disciplines and departments. Admission to the MSC requires a minimum GPA upon entry into the community of a 3.25. This GPA must be maintained through the duration of the students’ residence in the community. MSC is located on the 3 rd  and 4 th  floors of Gerard Hall. This community is open to men and women.

Admission Requirements:

1. Admission to the MU Scholars Community would require a minimum GPA upon entry into the community of a 3.25. This GPA must be maintained through the duration of the students’ residence in the community.

2. Successful completion of all housing application questions and selection to the
community by MU’s Residential Learning Community Advisory team.

Marymount University Scholar's Community Standards and Components:

  • Quiet Hours are respected and maintained from Monday-Sunday, 7:00pm -11:00am.
  • Community members will pledge to maintain their 3.25 GPA and support other community members in their academic pursuits by encouraging strong study habits and faculty-student connections.
  • Programs will focus on academic and social development in collaboration with faculty and campus partners.