SaintsCare Ambassadors

SaintsCare Ambassadors are a team of student leaders within the Office of Wellness, Prevention and Education that work to promote healthy lifestyles and reduce risky behaviors through outreach, education, awareness, and programming. Additionally, SaintsCare Ambassadors guide students in accessing important resources on campus that address a wide range of health and wellness topics. 

We offer free 1-hour health education workshops to help students manage everyday challenges and demands. The topics include:
  • Consent & Cookies (Consent & Healthy Relationships)
  • Think Before You Drink (Responsible Drinking)
  • Dare To Self-Care (Stress Management & Self-care)
Students, staff, and faculty can request our workshops for classrooms, teams, clubs, or residence halls. 

When requesting a workshop, please notify us at least 2 weeks in advance. You can email us at or drop by our office in Gerard 1035/1036.