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Graduate Housing Options

Please fill out this form to express your Interest in Graduate Housing for the 2019-2020 academic year!


Marymount University offers graduate student housing in two locations, both close to graduate student classroom locations. For more information on each unit, please review additional information available by clicking the appropriate link on the left menu bar.

The View is located at 4000 Wilson Blvd and is approximately two blocks from the 4040 Center and the Ballston metro. The View is the perfect location for physical therapy graduate students as all PT classes take place in the 4040 Center.

The Rixey Apartments are located at 1008 N Glebe Road, right next to Marymount’s Ballston campus site. Your commute from home to class could be a short elevator ride away! The Rixey is the ideal location for all graduate students given its proximity to your academic core.  Read about the building updates and ribbon cutting:
Marymount's 'New Ballston' Building Nears Completion, Adds First Retail Tenant

Marymount Celebrates Its New Ballston Building
New Ballston Building Wins Accolades From Marymount Community


Benefits of University Housing

  • Marymount apartments are typically below market rate for the area!

  • Your apartment fees are charged to your student account, making it easy for financial aid to be applied to your housing costs.

  • No credit check or deposit is required.

  • Roommate matching is available; additionally, should your roommate move out, you do not have to cover their portion of the rent like you would in a traditional roommate situation.