Public Affairs

Chairperson: Kennedy Evans (Class of 2020)

The Public Affairs Committee is a standing committee consisting of both members of the senate and members of the executive branch (the Secretary). The Public Affairs Committee is tasked with engaging the student public on behalf of the Student Government Association through creative media and communications efforts, maintaining the institutional image of the Student Government as a whole through branding and community outreach, and gathering information on student concerns via methods such as data collection and networking functions.

Members of the Public Affairs Committee actively engagewith Marymount as a whole in addition to developing innovative Marymount-centered techniques to gather and disperse information, a function unique to the SGA.

Departments/Divisions Committee Works With

  • Association for Campus Events (ACE)
  • Co-Curricular Council (CCC) and associated student clubs 
  • Commuter Activities Board (CAB) 
  • Any other organizations and offices collaborating to engage the Marymount student public.