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Student Government Association

Welcome from the President!

Hello! Marymount University's Student Government Association is a student-led organization that is dedicated to advocating for students. Please visit our OrgSync page to learn more about our organization and members! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at, or stop by our office, Gerard 1024 in Gerard Hall. We are always here to help!

Anthony D'Andrea
Class of 2019

“We the students of Marymount University resolve that as sovereign equals, we shall cooperate in friendly association to maintain the common ground for which our community strives; With this understanding we agree that we, the student body, desire a union that recognizes the sovereignty of the student community and serves to represent its will; It is with that goal that we establish and affirm this Constitution for the Marymount University Student Government Association.”

The Marymount University Student Government Association is the chief student-run representative body that advocates for the needs and interests of the undergraduate student public, strives for the betterment of the student experience, and distributes the Student Activities Fee. Our office is located on the main campus in Gerard 1024, feel free to stop by with any concerns or email us at

The SGA consists of three branches, each with their own unique function;
  • The Legislative branch, referred to as the Senate, is comprised of 20 students, called Senators. Senators are elected by their graduating class or appointed to fill a vacancy. This branch is tasked with tackling the concerns of the student body through legislative action in the form of Resolutions, which are documents brought to the senate floor during bi-weekly SGA meetings.
  • The Executive branch, composed of the four Executive officers of the SGA whom are elected at-large and perform specific executive functions; the President, the Vice President, Treasurer and the Secretary.
  • The Judicial branch is composed of three students referred to as justices who resolve intergovernmental disputes and concerns regarding our governing documents and procedures.