Spend time away from campus to renew your faith, meet people, and enjoy time spent in prayer.


Beach Retreat (Fri., September 15th - Sun., September 17th)

Staying together in several beach houses and enjoying meals in community with each other, the students and Campus Ministry staff enjoy a weekend  of listening to fellow Marymount students give talks and personal testimonies, while also experiencing the beach, games, new friendships, time in prayer, and the opportunity to share in small group discussions. Through their talks and testimonies, students share their experience of finding hope in Christ’s love and presence in their personal lives. We hope that all those who come to the retreat encountered moments for growth in character, faith and friendship. We look forward to seeing you next year!

Winter Retreat (Fri., January 26th - Sun., January 28th)

This retreat is geared towards leading students deeper in their faith and friendships with each other and with God. The talks are given by students, designed to help the individual prepare mentally, emotionally and spiritually for the Spring Semester. Winter Retreat provides students with the opportunity to grow even closer to God and others in a unique and powerful way, through prayer, reflection, inspiring talks, and time spent with fellow Marymount students.

Please contact Campus Ministry with any questions about retreats!