Music Ministry

Music Ministry helps students to…..

  • Grow in faith and joy of Christ.
  • Build lasting and consistent friendships.
  • Develop musical talent and improve musicianship skills.
  • Sing and perform musical masterpieces of our Catholic tradition.
  • Lay a foundation for a positive, well-rounded college experience.

Music Ministry

Music Ministry serves to enliven our campus Liturgies with beauty and solemnity, at the same time providing a constructive outlet for the passion and creativity of Marymount students. Music Ministry helps encourage students to grow in their faith, while enjoying the beauty of sacred music, the “living prayer of the Church.” Music Ministry is open to vocalists and instrumentalists of all levels of experience who are committed to improving their musical skills with our ensembles. We offer choral and instrumental ensembles with a range of rehearsal times. Music Ministry is an enriching way to both serve the Marymount Community and build meaningful and lasting friendships.

Blue Harmony

Blue Harmony is Music Ministry’s contingent ensemble which serves the student community through more informal, “popular” musical styles. Blue Harmony explores genres such as Blues, Pop, and Spirituals while still maintaining a strong faith component. Blue Harmony performs in public events and concerts.

Contact us if you have any questions or are interested in Music Ministry.