Food Service Requests

All requests for food service (except those for student functions), regardless of office or department, must be made through the Conference Center. Food Service does not accept any requests unless they have been processed through the Conference Center first. There are many options for meals, breaks, parties, gatherings, luncheons, dinners, etc., through Sodexo.

When requesting food, please keep in mind your department’s budget, as some services are more costly than others. The Conference Center will be happy to make recommendations for your function.

The following procedure should be followed when requesting food service:

  • Please be sure that your department head has approved your function before initiating any action.
  • In your request, please follow aforementioned procedures and include your specific requests for food arrangements.
  • Please also include the department, which is to be billed for the function, and provide your entire department budget code.
  • Food requests must be submitted 7 full business days prior to the event.

The Conference Center will coordinate your requests with Sodexo.

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