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Support Opportunities for Family

As a family member of a college student, we are certain that your loved one’s experience at Marymount is extremely important to you. Your gift is the perfect way to make an extra-special contribution to what may be your student’s most cherished years. As Marymount continues to grow, our hope is that family support will rise with us, to help meet the University’s expanding needs.

Parents Fund

What is the Parents Fund?

The Marymount Parents Fund is an annual giving campaign for unrestricted gifts from families of Marymount students. Gifts to the Parents Fund support your students in many different ways, including financial aid, curriculum development, and other core University programs such as DISCOVER.

Why is the Parents Fund Vital to Marymount University?

Did you know that every student regardless of financial need receives a “silent scholarship” on a yearly basis to attend Marymount? The reality is that tuition covers about 86% of the cost of a Marymount education. The remaining 14% comes from annual contributions from generous parents, alumni, and friends at Marymount.

Parents Fund Committee

Please consider joining the Marymount Parents Fund Committee. Members help advance the cause of Marymount and your child’s education through fundraising efforts. In the past, Marymount parents have raised over $25,000 in annual contributions to the Marymount Fund. This year, we are looking to surpass this amount with your help. To become involved in the Marymount Parents Fund or for additional information please email Erin Ross or call (703) 284-1695.

Will my gift make a difference?

Absolutely! Marymount’s success is a product of the thousands of sometimes small but cumulatively significant decisions by individuals to make the University a priority in their lives. No matter the size of the gift, your contribution to Marymount is important and greatly appreciated.

Giving Areas for the Parents Fund

Discover Research Program

Research is one of the keys for our students to become more competitive candidates in academia and the workplace. The DISCOVER program provides that advantage to Marymount students. Students who participate in undergraduate research enjoy unique opportunities to work one-on-one with faculty mentors and apply course knowledge to real-world situations. Whether in career exploration or preparation for graduate school, DISCOVER provides Marymount students with valuable tools necessary to stand out in their field. Support the DISCOVER program.

Marymount Fund

Tuition dollars simply don’t cover the full cost of running a comprehensive University. Gifts made to the Marymount Fund help to fill the gap. There are four giving areas under the Marymount Fund: scholarships and financial aid, student life, the University’s primary initiatives and faculty development to which you can designate your gift. Support the Marymount Fund.

Pay It Forward Senior Class Gift

The Pay It Forward Scholarship was established in 2010 by the graduating class. The scholarship creates a new tradtion that captures the spirit of charitable work that the students experience as members of the Marymount community. The funds raised through this effort are designated to scholarship support for members of the incoming freshman class. For each $500 that is raised, a freshman student will be sponsored. Help your student help others by donating to the Pay It Forward Scholarship. Support this scholarship.

Honor With Books

The Honor With Books program allows you to support the purchase of a book in the University library as a way of recognizing and celebrating your students’ accomplishments with a gift that lasts.