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Marymount Fund

The Marymount Fund is the University’s annual giving program. Your support will help advance Marymount by expanding the academic, athletic, and social programs; deepening Campus Ministry’s impact; and most importantly, making Marymount accessible to all, regardless of financial limitations.

Critical Needs

Unexpected opportunities. Unforeseen needs. Your generosity ensures that Marymount is positioned to make the most of every situation, guided always by the commitment that “Students Come First.”

Student Life

Athletics, clubs, and student activities bring the campus to life. Marymount students have always benefited from a dynamic campus community. Today, the University is working to create even more exciting, hands-on opportunities for participation, leadership, and service. A gift from you helps make it all possible!

Faculty Development

Marymount faculty members are committed to student success. They are more than teachers; they are mentors, advisers, and friends. As these dedicated individuals further their scholarly development and deepen their professional connections, they bring new knowledge and enthusiasm to the classroom.

Campus Ministry

Service, a hallmark of Marymount, is best expressed through Campus Ministry. Daily Mass, volunteer opportunities in the community, international service trips, and programs for students of all faiths are offered through Marymount’s office of Campus Ministry.