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Hanna Dorn

Class of 2017

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Hanna Dorn


Graphic Design
Member of the Honors Program


As a graphic designer for a government consulting firm, Hanna Dorn is used to working on tight deadlines. Often she’ll be given something at 10 a.m. that’s due at noon. “For the government, 12 noon is 12 noon, not 12:01,” she notes. “If the proposal is submitted even a minute late, the contract is not considered.”

That’s never been a problem for Dorn, as keeping focused was a priority for her as a Marymount student. Initially choosing MU for affordability and proximity to home, she was awarded the Presidential Scholarship for her high school grades. Inclusion in the Honors Program meant another scholarship and the requirement of maintaining a 3.5 GPA. She also worked throughout college.

“I paid for school almost entirely on my own –– no student loans whatsoever –– and graduated completely debt-free because of the financial benefits awarded from Marymount,” she says.

A December graduate, Dorn found her job at Project Performance Company during a Marymount career fair. She says she was well prepared for the position. “I learned incredible time management that has translated seamlessly into my job,” she says.

She praised her professors for providing the foundations of her graphic design career and added that she has considered the possibility of graduate school.

“At Marymount, I’ve experienced a level of personalized education that cannot be found at other universities,” she says.

Thanks to a course on gender equality and the knowledge she gleaned from Marymount’s Career Center, Dorn says she feels prepared to be a confident woman in a male-dominated industry and that she knows what she should be paid and how to negotiate for it accordingly.

“Marymount University isn’t just an educational institution – it’s a resource for furthering oneself in all aspects of life," she avows. “The curriculum design isn’t for the sake of a degree: It’s designed to land students fulfilling careers.”