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Sep 11

Global Classroom Series Information Session 2

Wednesday 01:00 PM - 03:00 PM

Learn more specific information about the Global Classroom Series courses being offered in Spring 2020. This second session will cover:

  • 1:00- COMM 304 Media Criticism in London, UK
  • 1:30- IT 389 Special Topics: The World of Gaming: Culture and Opportunities in Groningen, The Netherlands
  • 2:00- MGT 485 International Management in Santiago, Chile
  • 2:30- POL 325 Voting Behavior in Madrid, Spain

Session 1 will be held on September 4th and session 3 on September 18th at the same time. You can RSVP to the event Apps & Snacks to get help on your applications for these study abroad programs. 

Location: Main Campus, Rowley G207