Strategic Plan Initiatives

     Each of Momentum’s strategic plan initiatives will have a team of faculty, staff, and students who are responsible for its implementation.  Teams will vary in size and membership based on the specific charge of the strategic planning committee.  Initiative teams consisting primarily of staff and administrators will begin working this summer, but those with substantial faculty and student members will begin working at the start of fall 2019. 
Theme Initiative Initiative Description Initiative Leader
Distinctive Identity Pursue national rankings and recognition of programs and services Create a roadmap of appropriate accreditations and recognitions to be pursued including academic, student service, and others. Michael Schuchert
Distinctive Identity Expand research and knowledge creation  Expand grant portfolio to reflect the level of R2 initiative; complete the NSF Higher Education Research & Development Survey (HERD). Rita Wong
Distinctive Identity Secure AASCB Accreditation Identify and pursue the needed tasks and resources to achieve the AASCB accreditation for applicable SBT programs. Jonathan Aberman
Distinctive Identity Design, Launch & Implement Comprehensive Capital Campaign Using the new strategic plan as a guide, develop the next capital campaign. Joe Foster
Distinctive Identity Grow Endowment to $250 million Align activities with strategic plan. Joe Foster
Distinctive Identity Articulate Catholic identity in light of the RSHM  Articulate and celebrate our rich Catholic identity through the lens of the RSHM tradition and values: the value of each person based on personal integrity and giftedness.These values include but are not limited to: (Bulleted List including social justice, commitment to marginalized, internationality and global awareness, inclusivity, faith. Work to ensure campus awareness among students, faculty and staff through concerted programing and other awareness activities.Integrate with Empowering Students for Service (QEP) Sr. Jacquelyn Porter
Distinctive Identity Build a Culture of Pride and Purpose Develop and implement an internal campaign designed to increase Marymount's community understanding and appreciation of its distinctive characteristics and place within higher education. Ensure appropriate engagement with the "Empowering Students for Service (QEP)". Vernon Williams
Distinctive Identity Strengthen Marketing and Branding Develop and implement new branding and marketing plan to increase visibility and new student enrollment. Carmen Brown
Sustainable Future Define The Marymount Pledge Develop a clearly articulated statement of Marymount's commitment to all entering students including those elements that Marymount guarantees (e.g., ability to graduate in four years, a high quality internship, controls, support in the job search process). Fran Reed
Sustainable Future Focused + Intentional retention programs (90%) Develop a systematic effort retaining students that uses internal and external best practices. The effort needs to ensure that all Marymount faculty and staff understand and fulfill their role in promoting student success. Christina Clark
Sustainable Future Achieve plan objectives through Public/Private Partnerships Create the infrastructure to identify, develop, and implement new Public/Private partnerships supporting plan objectives. Tina Rajmaira
Sustainable Future Grow Enrollment to 10,000 Develop a complete strategy for enrolling 10,000 students at Marymount which balances traditional and non-traditional undergraduates entering as both first college and transfer students, campus based and online graduates students. Fran Reed
Sustainable Future Build Online Infrastructure  Ensure that Marymount has an appropriate student support network for online students that compliments the needs of campus based learners. Michelle Steiner
Sustainable Future Develop agile and market-responsive new programs building on the strengths Develop agile and market-responsive new programs building on the strengths of health and technology. Jeanne Matthews
Sustainable Future Expand flexible interdisciplinary learning Explore interdisciplinary and interprofessional models for departments and curriculum. Catherine Wehlburg
Sustainable Future Adapt the Organizational Structure to the Needs of an Expanding Student Body Comprehensive and continued review of Marymount's organization structure to ensure maximal use of resources. Kendra Gillespie
Transformative Experiences Core Curriculum (UG + Grad) Revise the Core Curriculum and educational outcomes to become more flexible, accessible, and reflective of Marymount’s distinctive mission and identity. Note from discussion: consider adding "flexible credit" from "innovative curriculum & advising model" drawer, which is described as "Increase flexibility for transfer credit and credit for life experience in order to improve recruitment, retention, and graduation rates for transfer and non-traditional students". Ariane Economos
Transformative Experiences Leverage the DC Region Strengthen relationships between Marymount University and metro DC business, non-profit, educational, and government organizations by identifying and removing barriers in current infrastructure and culture to developing these relationships. Amendment - capitalize on MU location; expose students to area's amenities and opportunities. Coordinate with the community engagement component of Empowering Students for Service (QEP).  Tina Rajmaira
Transformative Experiences Strengthen curriculum management and delivery  Streamline the process for new program development in order to respond in a more flexible and nimble manner to area opportunities and needs. / Develop a more innovative and flexible curriculum by expanding the number of online and hybrid courses in order to accommodate non-traditional and an increasingly diverse population of students). Jeanne Matthews
Transformative Experiences Transformational Advising Combined "Graduate Advising" and "Faculty Mentoring" -- Strengthen and expand a professional advising model, including at the graduate level, to increase retention and graduation rates / Foster mentorship and collaboration opportunities between Marymount faculty and students in order to support students in their academic and professional development. Jason Craig
Transformative Experiences Expand experiential learning and global opportunities Enhance the quality and diversity experiential, service and global learning experiences at Marymount and integrate those experiences more closely into the curriculum in order to better prepare our graduates to live and work in an increasingly connected world. Align activities with Empowering Students for Service (QEP). Susanne Ninassi
Transformative Experiences Support Faculty and Student Research Provide increased support for faculty research, including interdisciplinary and community-based research. Rita Wong
Transformative Experiences Coordinate a plan for High Impact Practices (HIPs)  Expand the use of HIPs in teaching for all students; offer more, deeper faculty development; expand the use of varied pedagogies with an emphasis on experiential (service, global, internships) throughout students' experiences. Promote service learning consistently with Empowering Students for Service (QEP). Susanne Ninassi
Transformative Experiences Expand & Document Co-Curricular Learning & Experiences Expand student participation in co-curricular activities by developing a co-curricular record of student activities, internships, and leadership, allowing students to document their development of integrated learning for employers and/or graduate education. Demetrius Johnson
Transformative Experiences Develop Living Learning Communities Expand virtual and residential living-learning communities and include faculty/staff as members. Demetrius Johnson
Vibrant Community Develop a bold and responsive plan for expansion of Arlington presence Define/identify how MU will be an active player in the community; Identity what MU offers that no one else does. Create an organizational structure that will support the constant collaboration with Arlington County and other local partners. Tina Rajmaira
Vibrant Community Ensure the Rixey property is a successful part of Marymount Ensure that the Rixey property is adequately filled with Marymount students and other affiliates to meet the goals of the partnership; that meaningful student development programs is running. Tina Rajmaira
Vibrant Community Establish a competitive total compensation plan  Annual review of salaries and benefits, facilitated by HR, to ensure competitiveness to attract and retain talent. Amendment: develop competitive compensation plan. Kendra Gillespie
Vibrant Community Strengthen alumni relations Build a Database of Alumni, Updated & Regular follow-up. Better communicate to students as they graduate what being an alumnus is and exactly how they stay involved. Do a better job of celebrating the accomplishments of alumni. When alumni publish a book or achieve something significant, celebrate it on our website/social media and invite them for talks on campus. Identify program/department/school-specific support alumni can donate to. Note from discussion: add description from "Alumni Engagement" in Transformative Experience - Learning Across Boundaries, which is "Increase engagement of alumni in providing mentoring and internship for current students". Joe Foster
Vibrant Community Establish a high performing culture of goals and incentives Full implementation of the pay-for-performance system including revision of the current process, explore expansion to faculty, and consider changing budget model to be considerate of individual and organizational rewards. Kendra Gillespie
Vibrant Community Expand academic and operation technology (WorkDay)  Create a project management plan (including investments in technology, cameras, people, training) to ensure a strong online presence. Make investment (e.g. in Ballston auditorium) to address technology concerns at all campus locations. Steve Munson
Vibrant Community Implement Campus Master Plan  A real Welcome Center where admissions has a first class welcoming area to greet prospective students and families. Renovate main campus library with state of the art technology and promote it as a community space. Ensure there is a plan for annual maintenance of all spaces and that it is completed, on time, in addition to "fix-it requests" and construction projects. Enhance academic studios and design spaces; create a theatre on campus. Upen Malani
Vibrant Community Expand Service Quality  Streamline and integrate offices with overlapping responsibilities, especially those that impact the student experience e.g. Financial Aid & Student Accounts; Payroll & HR. Train staff and faculty on service quality. Anne Stancil