Strategic Planning Committee Roster

Membership, 2018 - 2019

Al Diaz, Financial Affairs, Co-Chair
Michael Schuchert, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness, Co-Chair
Anne Stancil, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness, Ex Officio

Faculty Representatives:

Marianne Ward-Peradoza, School of Business and Technology, Dean
Christina Clark, School of Design, Art, and Humanities, Dean
Amanda Wright, School of Sciences, Mathematics, and Education
Nathan Green, School of Business and Technology
Liane Summerfield, Malek School of Health Professions
Mason Yang, Library and Learning Services
Mark Trowbridge, School of Design, Art, and Humanities
Jacquelyn Porter, RSHM, School of Design, Art, and Humanities


Administrative Division/Department Representatives:

Joseph Foster, University Advancement
Kendra Gillespie, Financial Affairs
Sara Meehan, Marketing and Enrollment Management
Demetrius Johnson, Student Affairs
Jamie Reynolds, Athletics

Student Representative:

Sarah McDonald