Service Quality

PIE is responsible for planning and coordinating new strategic initiatives at the university. Service Quality is among the important efforts that the university continues to emphasize and improve with each academic year.

Service Quality Task Force

A Service Quality Task Force (SQTF) was formed in fall 2014. Two subgroups of this task force were formed to evaluate “what” we do (processes and procedures) and “how” we do them (actions and attitudes). Under the leadership of the task force the following practices have become an integral part of the Marymount community.

Marymount At Your Service (MAYS)

Bi-annually a comprehensive survey is given to students and faculty/staff. The survey asks questions about each office on campus and the service they received when interacting with each office. The data from this survey is gathered by PIE and made into useful reports reflecting numerical ratings and written comments.

Service Quality Action Plans

Annually the task force reviews action plans from each university department that pertains to service quality initiatives they plan to complete in the upcoming year. The goals flow from the data students and faculty/staff provide when taking the bi-annual Marymount At Your Service survey. The action plans are reviewed and approved by the Service Quality Task Force at the beginning of each academic year.  If the plans do not reflect the data from the MAYS then the plan is sent back for revision. At the end of the academic year, updates on the plan are submitted to the task force for review.

Service Quality Action Plan Template

Service Quality Guiding Principles

One of the first actions of the SQTF was to put into words the principles that should guide every employee’s interactions on campus. These principles have been distributed university wide and are given to each new employee when they arrive.

Service Quality Guiding Principles

"You're A Saint" Program

In order to encourage and be recognized for providing good customer service, the SQTF created “You’re A Saint” program. Stationary cards were crafted to allow colleagues to write a message of appreciation for a colleague who delivered excellent service.


Created from the work of the members of the Service Quality Task Force, the eConcierge is an internal search engine of the university that informs the community on university policies and procedures. Feedback is responded to and added to the eConcierge so that it is current and ever evolving.  Before process improvement can begin, the university needed to identify current practices and appropriate ownership of processes. The next step will be to begin review of processes in hopes of making them more efficient.


Mystery Shopping Program

The PIE office has overseen the coordination of mystery students since fall 2012.  Mystery Students secretly shop the service quality in departments across campus; a report of the service provided to the students is given to each office in order to plan improvements where needed.

Mystery Student Shopper Evaluation Rubric

If you need additional information, please contact the Office of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness.