The Office of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness provides other resources for the University community including handbooks and presentations.

Building the Institution of Choice: Marymount University's Strategic Plan 2013-2018

Marymount Peer and Aspirant Schools - Comparison Groups



Recently office staff have given multiple presentations dealing with a variety of assessment topics which may be useful in understanding fundamental concepts.

  • February 2015, Writing an Effective Administrative Assessment Plan -  Download
    View this presentation to learn more about the administrative assessment process at Marymount and the steps to writing an effective plan.
  • May 2014, Appeal Grants: A Strategy for Realizing ROI through Student Retention - Download.
    Presented at the Association for Institutional Research national conference, this presentation provides insight into strategies for evaluating the effectiveness of appeal grants in boosting retention and graduation rates of first-year students.
  • May 2013, Online Course Evaluations: Is There a Perfect Time? - Download
    Presented at the Association for Institutional Research national conference, this presentation shares findings about differences in student characteristics and ratings based on when online course evaluations are competed.
  • September 2012, Alumni Ratings of Academic Quality and Time to First Professional Position - Download
    Based on recent Alumni Surveys (see our Survey Reports), this pamphlet highlights alumni views of their academic experience at Marymount and how this relates to finding their first job after graduation.
  • June 2012, How many Catholic students does Marymount really have? – Download
    This pamphlet explores the methods Marymount uses to collect and analyze data on student religion and proposes an alternative approach to answering just how many of Marymount’s students are Catholic.
  • May 2012, Graduating Class: 2010-11 – Download
    This pamphlet examines the composition of the Class of 2010-2011, focusing on their admit status upon matriculation as first-college, transfer, second degree, or graduate students. Also observed are their awarded, degrees, length of time to completion, and some general demographics.
  • May 2012, MAYS Action Plan - Download
    Interprets the results of the Marymount At Your Service (MAYS) survey conducted in spring 2012. More than 1,000 students responded to this survey, which asked how students, as customers of the various University offices, felt about the services provided to them.
  • April 2012, UTC General Computer Use – Download
    Marymount’s University Technology Committee conducted a survey of faculty and staff on their computer usage at work. This presentation was used to inform the committee about the number of computers and other technology is use across the community as well as the main functions employed on these devices.
  • March 2012, Analyzing Assessment Data – Download
    Presentation for a Student Development assessment workshop that discusses quantitative and qualitative data analysis.
  • February 2012, How to Ask the Right Questions – Download
    Presentation for a Student Development assessment workshop that discusses approaches to getting information that you need in the context of conducting an assessment.
  • May 2011, Transfer Student Success: Does Where You Have Been Predict Where You Are Going?
    This study examines the difference in transfer student success on both individual and prior institution at a private university that has a large transfer population. This study was presented at the 2011 Association for Institutional Research Conference.
  • April 2011, Assessing Core Competencies – Download
    Discusses the evolution of Marymount’s Liberal Arts Core assessment activities. Presented at the Spring VAMAP Drive-In.
  • October 2010, Core Competencies - Download
    Presents the results from the 2010 Liberal Arts Core Assessment. Presented at Innovations.
  • October 2010, Bloom’s Taxonomy: How Well is Marymount Doing? – Download
    Using the National Survey of Student Engagement, the presentation examines differences between first-year and senior students’ reports of faculty teaching strategies. Presented at Innovations.
  • October 2010, Strategic Planning Survey Inventory Results – Download
    Presents highlights from a comparison between students, faculty, and staff response on the Strategic Plan Inventory administered in spring 2009.
  • August 2010, Strengthening Experiential Learning: Marymount’s Internship – Download
    Reviews the work of Marymount’s Internship Taskforce and offerings by the Career and Internship Center. Presented at the Fall 2010 Chairs Workshop.

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