Re-Accreditation Announcement and Thank You

In December 2018, the Board of Trustees for the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges voted to officially reaffirm Marymount University's accreditation. 

Regional accreditation validates that Marymount is a healthy institution with the resources and infrastructure to provide students with a quality educational experience. It entitles us to offer Title IV funds offered by the US Department of Education to our students. It also ensures for our students that their courses and degree are recognized by employers and other higher education institutions. Additionally, it affirms that the QEP will have a positive impact on the students’ learning environment.

We acknowledge and thank faculty and staff members who took a leadership role in securing our reaffirmation:
  • Dr. Marguerite Rippy, who chaired the Compliance Certification Committee
  • Drs. Amanda Wright and Yolanda Gibson, who chaired the QEP Development committee
  • Bridget Murphy, who shepherded the QEP through from conceptualization through its first year of implementation
  • Sarah Burnett, who developed the electronic report containing thousands of pieces of supporting evidence
  • Michael Schuchert, who provided administrative oversight throughout the process and serves as the SACSCOC Liaison
Also, thank you and congratulations to all who provided their time and expertise throughout this process. Specifically, we would like to thank:

Anne Aichele, Ann Boudinot, Ashton Mallon, Angela Nastase , Anna Sody, Anne Stancil, Al Diaz, Amanda Wright, Brian Doyle, Barry Erdeljon, Bernadette Mirro, Bridget Murphy, Christina Clark, Christopher Fiorello, Christina Rajmaira, Carl Sachs, Dan Liberto, Diana Venskus, Eric Bubar, Eric Hols, Edwin Prieto, Fran Reed, Gwen Vredevoogd, Hanora O’Sullivan, Hilary Phillips, Jeanne Matthews, Skye Dononvan, Jane Dreyfuss, Joe Foster, Jennifer Gray, Jamie Reynolds, Joe Provenzano, Julie Ries, Jim Ryerson, Jennifer Webb, Kate Athing, Katie Peebles, Kathleen Garces-Foley, Kaylynn Smoot, Leigh Johnson, Linda Cote-Reilly, Linda Gulyn, Linda McMurdock, Leah Roa, Lois Stover, Lisa Turissini, Michael Anuszkiewicz, Moira Denson, Marcia Dursi, Michele Garofalo, Michael Schuchert, Mary Lindahl, Maureen Moriarity, Michael Nordvall, Marianne Ward-Peradoza, Marguerite Rippy, Matt Shadle, Michelle Steiner, Michelle Walters Edwards, Peggy Axelrod, Ron Somervell, Robin Wagner, Rita Wong, Sarah Burnett, Sue Conrad, Sarah Ficke, Scott Fuller, Sarah Gustin, Stephanie McDevitt, Steve Munson, Susanne Ninassi, Susan Pilley, Soumya Sivakumar, Sarah Spalding, Tamara Davis, Tina Hopp, Father Thomas Yehl, Upen Malani, Victor Betancourt, Vernon Williams, Yolanda Gibson, Yong Shin